Exporting problem

First, new to blender, new to forum. This sort of fits Modelling, Interface, and Texture/Material, so wasn’t sure where to put it.

Problem: I have a model in qubicle2. I export it as OBJ or DAE. I import it into Blender. This works fine, and results in the character shown below:

Then, I want to export this as FBX. I am using FBX because I will be animating this character later, I’m just making sure my asset line will work. It is to go into Unity.

However, no matter what settings I’ve picked for FBX export, there is something going wrong between the materials / files / formats. I am getting this as a result in Unity (Look at eyes for clearest problem, but there are several places where colours are wrong). Ignore the white body, I’d only applied the texture to the head for the right guy.

I’ve tried a whole bunch of things, and all I can come up is that blender is not exporting the file properly, or unity is not importing it properly. One of these must be true, as Blender shows the file correctly, but Unity does not. Even exporting from Blender as DAE gives the wrong results.

I’ve googled as much as I can on this, but nothing I’ve tried so far has helped.