Exporting problems (again)

My project is attached.
I am modeling a tank and for the tracks I used a curve modifier.
Everything exports fine except of that my tracks don’t show up.
I am exporting it as a .obj to Unity3D using blender 2.56.
Thanks for your help in advanced.
Tank2.blend (1.48 MB)

Can anybody plese help?:eek:

Just a shot in the dark here but did you apply the modifiers before exporting?

I think i see the problem, to build your tracks you have used duplifaces.
But while it looks nice into Blender, they’re not “real” for other engines, you should fix the problem in Object Mode by selecting the track and do Object -> Apply -> Make Duplicates Real (or press CTRL+A and select " Make Duplicate Real " )

Hey thanks jestmart and Robsoie,
I applyed the modifiers and than pressed Ctrl+A and selected " Make Duplicate Real "
it made the howl track “real” and I now can select each segment individually^^
Now I wanted to export it.For that i have to select all the parts of my model,but now I have almost 240 parts just for my tracks! Is there any way to select them in just in a couple of clicks?Like in windows with Shift.

P.S. Sorry for the late reply.

Select one of the parts, press SHIFT+L (or Select -> Linked) and select “Object Data”.
It will select all the parts of your now “real” track.

Just exported it as .obj and no problems any more.
Thanks^12 to all how helped