Exporting problems.

I’m trying to export a scene as either .obj or .3ds, both however never bring in the textures with them. Why do they not bring the textures with them? Am I setting up the textures wrong? Thanks in advance for the help.

I think .obj will only export UVMapped textures.


The textures that i’m trying to export with it are uv mapped. I’m thinking i’m not setting something right.

I’m not as familiar with other programs, but I have seen importers for different apps producing different results. Some (like swift 3d) will find the .mtl file that Blender creates alongside the .obj file, whereas others (including Maya, probably because I don’t know it too well) you have to go through all these hoops to define a new material and re-import the texture image. The uvmap, however, does transfer itself over and whatever texture you made will still match up.

Of course, for me, this has only been workable because I do one object at a time. If you have a more complex scene with multiple objects, I can’t be certain how it goes.