Exporting problems....

Hi guys im using cycles render and i have this problem:
Can’t export textures with materials, the model exported it’s ok but the material no, there is a way how to fix it?
Please help me im so desperate i really need to export materials with textures in .fbx .obj for selling it.

Set the materials up for Blender Internal and export from there.
Cycles’ node-based materials are hard to “understand” for the exporter and are therefore not exported reliably.

How can i convert my cycles materials to the blender internal render?

I seem to recall that there is a script for it (Google might know), but this script will suffer from the very same problems in dealing with node-based materials. For best results, do it manually.

So i have to learn the blender interal render?
Anyway thank you for the help

I still need help, i love cycles and i want to sell models in fbx with it please help me to found some way.

Bake your Cycles textures and export them as images with your objects. I don’t use Cycles so i hope that this is an option?

i tryed to bake but it seems to not work, please some more answers? a won’t learn blender internal

You need to supply more specific info. We do not know what type of materials you are trying to create. You say baking didn’t work. What does that mean ? What didn’t work. If you want specific help you need to put more effort into making it much easier for people to be able to help you.

Supply a demo blend file that clearly demonstrates all the issues you have.

You are right Mr.Richard so i will try to explain my problem a way better:
For this i will you for example susanne as a model.
I want to export this in fbx and obj

But when i click on export… it dosen’t work it has no materials and no textures.
So i followed up the hint, i tryed to bake it but the texture is quite different from the original one i mean this difference:

How i could fix it? and then how i could export it?

“export materials with textures in .fbx .obj for selling it”… “won’t learn blender internal”

So far you had rendered one component - diffuse color pass if i’m not mistaken, looking at a bit dark images.
It is not even baked as a texture you could apply to the UV mapped object. In order to replicate view you see in Cycles you need to know how material components are used in formats .fbx is able to hold. Thus, as you’ve already been told you have to have some knowledge of BI materials which are compatible with fbx and about all what concerns UV mapping, texturing.
Not to ruin your plans but no know-how - no sales, easy as that.

really noone in the whole forum know a way? lol

Not sure what more you expect from us:
You have been given sound advice, but you refuse to “learn” Blender Internal, which is the only way to reliably export materials to other formats. And you refuse to supply an example .blend file to help us to help you with your baking issues.

You’re the one with the problem, remember? So why should we have the effort?