Exporting Relationship Lines?

Hi all,

I’m currently working with a (fairly crude) model of a ship, which has been fractured, had rigid bodies applied to all, and is then crushed to deform and destroy the ship. This is for an architectural project, and I’m actually reducing this down to only seeing the resulting relationship lines, and observing their movements and final form.

The only problem is, I need these relationship lines exported somehow into a usable format isolated from the rest of the model, and I can’t find anyway to export, whether it’s dxf/dwg or similar vector or CAD format. If anyone knows of a way to do this or of a plugin that can do this I’d be very grateful!

Video below shows the current output, literally just using a screen capture to record the animation in the viewport - very crude, low-quality, and shows why I need something a bit crisper!

Many thanks!

Or, failing the ability to directly export the lines, is there a way to quickly turn these lines into a mesh themselves, maybe by selecting multiple object origin points and setting vertices?