Exporting/rendering out a texture created in Blender

I’d like to export some of the texures I have created using Blender for use (and alteration) in other programs, is there anyway to convert the procedural textures you create into an image format?

There is a Simple way since V1.4…

Go to the UV/Image Editor.
Under UV´s (Header Bar) is the Texture Baker Script.
Select it… Choose Name and Output Size, and your done.

I followed your guidlelines and what I got was a render where 2/3rds of the image was filled in, is there something I am missing? I couldn’t find anything in the Blender wiki on it.

I’m not familiar w/ BackBONE’s method (probably the right/best way). But if it’s giving you problems, try this:

  1. Apply the texture to a plane.

  2. Set up you camera directly above the plane.

  3. Do a hi-res orthographic render & save.

Hope this helps.

Yeah that’s great thanks:) I’ve done the same thing a hundred times with Terragen, and it never occured to me to do the same in Blender!