Exporting rigged Genesis/Daz Character

Hi, is there a way to export the default genesis/daz character into blender with the rig?

I’ve poked around at creating an importer for Genesis3…

It is far from being a finished project, but it might get you a long toward getting a rigged model.

NOTE: It was built in Blender 2.77a and it doesn’t work in the new 2.8 release candidates.

Ah, now when I load up DAZ studio does it automatically rig the model? Also is there a face rig or are facial expressions done with morphing? Obviously I’m new to this, my main goal is really just importing the basic rigged androgynous model, no texturing or clothes.

Yes, within Daz Studio the model is rigged, but DS rigs are entirely different than Blender rigs. When you export the model from DS as either .fbx or .dae the bones/armature is exported as part of the file. Two things to understand though, is that bones and rigs are two different things and both the .fbx and .dae files have issues by themselves when imported into Blender. The script I wrote does a decent job of combining the two different files, and combining them to make a usable rig for simple animation. It is still a work in progress though.

If you can follow the steps I outlined in that thread DS exports both bones and shapekeys(morphs) to control the face.