exporting selected models

i am trying to export a model that has several meshes,
but when i select them all, it only exports the last one i selected,
is there a way to group select so i can export all selected objects?

i am also having trouble zooming in on objects, is there a way to go up or down with the zoom camera, instead of just zoom and rotate camera around central axis?

1)If the exporter does not support “export selected” option, join the meshes (Ctrl+J)
2) Border zoom? (Shift+B)

thank you,
the zoom thing worked great,
and i did get the meshes to join,

but i had to try several times,
i have several objects in the scene,
and i press ‘a’ button to select all objects,

and it seems to select a couple unwanted things,
i used the shift button to deselect the others,

i thought there were just two things,
is there three or four things to unselect?
like the generic cube and some directional icon pointing at my object,
sorry i’m just a noob, but i don’t know what these things are called

and is there a way to export the texture with the mesh,
i am trying export as a .lwo file,
i still need to figure out how to export the texture with the mesh,
i am exporting as a .lwo file for object to be in ut2004 game

I lost track of what you are asking anymore…anyway to keep a certain level of quality of the topics, please ask questions that are really a some kind of trouble to you, not that you skip any effort sarching for the answer. Developers of blender spend enormous time to ease the learning for everyone so let not that be waste of their time!
Happy blending!