Exporting sketchup into blender, help please

hello all, I am a noob and am looking for help. i came across blender as a way of rendering my 3d models from sketchup, and now look what’s happened to me.

i recently ran across a spanish web page that showed how to export collada 1.4 files out of sketchup (.kmz to .zip to .dae, if you are familiar with this site), and it works as promised. my only problem is that when i go to render, i get very jaggy lo-rez renders. does anyone know how to fix this or are my settings wrong? if i try to export a .3ds into blender, i have no problems except i can see all my edges from sketchup, which I somehow cannot figure out how to fix. i think i prefer the .3ds method better, but then i wouldn’t be able to figure out how to apply sketchup textures and materials.

so several questions, actually:

  1. is .3ds the best way to do this, or is export a .kmz file better?
  2. how do i render in higher rez?
  3. how to i apply materials and textures from other sources?

any help is greatly appreciated. i think i am learning blender fairly quickly with all the tuts out there, but i still need some help. i will try and post some pictures of the problems i am having in subsequent posts.

thanks all