Exporting Smooth

Hello. Blender is unable to export smooth meshes. I click Smooth as seen in the image i posted. Any other software doesnt open smooth.
Im trying to export as OBJ.

I check box export smooth groups. I dont know why. Do you guys have any idea?

In the other software can you not just enable smooth shading, if its not able to show smooth shading (if there is such software) then even if you exported from blender it wouldn’t be able to show it

Just the normal smooth shading is not the same as smooth groups which use sharp edges to define different smoothing areas of the mesh

3DS max opens without smooth. I wanna export it so everyone can open it with smooth. I wanna sell my model. I dont know how it looks without smooth. I can say smooth it after purchase but i really want it to be smooth obj out of the box.

Just tested exporting flat and smooth shaded object as .obj file (default settings except ‘selection only’ enabled) and importing into Maya.
The flat shaded object gets imported as flat shaded
The smooth shaded object gets imported as smooth shaded

Therefore the shading info is exported in the .obj file. Check the settings you are using in 3dsmax

Do any of you know whats the default setting for 3ds max? I think something is wrong with my Blender. Max opens the models i downloaded smooth. I think its enabled in Max.

Guess i figured it out.