Exporting .STL - 3D Printing problems

Hi All,

First of all i have to mention that I am on an extremely beginner phase of my journey to became a blender artist, so this question might sound a bit funny at this point, but this issue bothers me a lot since I could not find a solution to it anywhere.

Recently I created two sculptures in blender using sculpting for 99% of the process, and exported both of them as .stl, as far as i know it is the most commonly used format for 3d printing.
Both of these figures has been printed already, and the only issue with them was that the printed layers are more visible on them then on other printed objects that has been printed with the same printing options and printer :D.

My friend who owns the printer says that she managed to print smoother results with her machine between my two sculptures, so I wonder if there is anything specific to be aware of when i sculpt for printing purpose or any post process I have to do after sculpting to make smooth prints.

Every software she uses after I send her the .stl file (Cura for example) shows that the end result should be OK just like anything else she prints. And besides the horizontal layer lines that the printer creates everything looks to be just fine with the prints. I mean the end result looks like it has the expected amount of detail to it and so on.

I might still guess that this can be caused by the printer or of its settings, but every tip or any belike solution is most welcome.

Thanks in advance!!!

if ur talking about the “band” effect, then it has nothing to do with Blender. you have to increase the Resolution on the printer.

also, yes, STL is most commonly used. id even argue its the only format being used, but dont quote me on that.