Exporting Subsurfaces and Poses

I have a simple model of a frog that I made in Blender. I would like to export it to a Wavefront .OBJ file, but when I do that, it doesn’t export the subsurfaces or the pose. Is there some way to make it export these elements correctly?

That will probably be the best export you can get.

If the program you are importing it into, supports subsurfaces, (it may be called something else.) just turn it on for that mesh, or faces.
If the program does not, in blender, convert the object (Alt C) first.

I do not know of a way to keep the pose. (as deformed by armatures, right?) Someone else may know a way, because the yafray exporter reads the deformation.
You may have to deform the mesh without an armature. Or recreate the bones in the other program.

I’m writing a game, and I’m using the model as an object in it, so I can’t support subsurfaces unless I learn the algorithm myself. Alt-C worked fine anyway.

Yes, it is deformed with an armature. If anyone knows of a way to handle it, that would be great.

I think the apply deformation script would work if you wanted to export a pose. not sure, maybe theeth could confirm?

No, Apply Deformation is for lattices. Might this be something someone has made Python do?

If you have rigged it and pose it you can use apply deformation script to convert the mesh as posed.

I have myself done it so is is confirmed (actualy I have asked it just a while back myself).

Ah, I was using the wrong Apply Deformation. It works now. Thank you.