Exporting SVG files?

I need to export SVG files from Blender. Is there some way that this can be done?

If I’ve omitted any necessary information, let me know. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve used Blender for a while, but I’ve never needed to export anything.Thanks in advance.

What are you trying to exports as svg? Are you trying to export 3d mesh as svg paths, or are you working with curves?
I would suggest right off the top of my head to do a search on JMS here, he has several scripts that he put together for working with path export from 3d mesh to a flat curve outline, as well as other effects.

I’m trying to export a 2d model that was designed in sketchup, unfolded and then imported to Blender. In order to be able to edit it, print it etc as a 2d card model, I need to export it as a SVG file. Hope I’m making sense.

You might try deleting only faces, and then using the ‘Edges to Curve’ script to get the shape into a curve. I think there is probably a script somewhere for exporting the curves as svg, but you’ll need to search JMS’s threads for that I think. Also check Ideasman42 's threads as well.