Exporting textures in vrml (*.wrl) or other formats

I have tried for several hours to export a simple cube with a texture on it into different files.
e.g. 3ds, wrl, osg

Downloaded and copied several scripts in the scripts folder, but looking at the exported file in other programs (or from a simple text editor for .wrl) reveals that I’m not capable to export the object with the texture.

What can I do? I searched the knowlege base (export texture …) but obviously was not successful.

Best and thank you,

do search for author “bart” He did some recent vrml export work, wrote a very good overview. I don’t think you can export texture in vrml though, but I’m not sure.

Thank you.

  1. Read it, found this question:
    Can this be used to export VRML2 with textures?
    Bart answered yes.

It does! includes copy textures to outputfolder and multitexuring.

  1. “installed” it by copying it in .scripts.
  2. Tried it. Error: The mesh has texture but no UV mapping coordinates.

Tried the last 2 hours to find good instructions on that. Will take them home and study (e.g. video tutorial).

  1. Tried an exporting an existing model (Sword): http://www.yodasworld.net/downloads/sword.zip

Did not work.

Will try more tonight and the next days. At least it seems possible which is most important. Just do not want to spend too much time and then find out it is not possible to export texture…


Allright, got the UV Mapping figured out. With uv mapping also the normal vrml exporter works.

But otherwise it seems not to be possible? E.g. as in 3D Studio Max you just put on a Material on an object and you are ready to export it into a vrml-File (*.wrl)…

Do I always have to go the tedious way of UV Mapping to export a texture?