Exporting textures rendered using cycles.

I’ve made this blender model (Link Below), but when I export it into a third-party software, the textures don’t get exported. Is there any way to do that? Btw, I made them using Cycles Render.

Cycles material nodes don’t transfer very well on export - a node setup can become very complex very quickly, that’s too much for an automated solution within an exporter to grasp. If you intend to export, do your shading in Blender Internal.

But that is not as good as Cycles. In fact, it’s nowhere near what one can do this cycles. So, Basically, u can’t export textures made using cycles?

Blender 2.71 allows you to bake cycles materials to a texture (do a forum search and youtube for tutorials) which you can then save and use in any other application

Thnx dude Will upgrade as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve upgraded my blender to 2.71 . Now all I have to do is export, right? Or is there something else I gotta do?

You have to bake them to images set to UV mapping. You will need to follow a tutorial on this, there are many right now on youtube and vimeo