Exporting the animation, but how?

Hello again, I am trying to export an animation so I can use a character I modeled in making a videogame modification, but, I can’t find the button. It needs to be exported to 3ds, but that normally doesnt even export bones or animations. Now what?


Sorry if this seems like a n00b move, but I need to know the answer to this in order to continue my projects. (you cant is also an answer)

AFAIK 3DS is just a mesh format, without any bone, animation nor UV mapping.

You need to try other formats, such as COLLADA, BHV or .X

I need 3ds for this project, the inporter to the videogame format only imports animations in 3ds format :frowning:

I know anim8or saves animations to 3ds format but i’d rather not use that in order to animate. Any other ways?