Hi. I am making some models and exporting them to .3ds format and sending them to a friend who has 3ds Max so he can then export them to .mdl. The problem with that is, when he imports the .3ds files I send to him, the textures and animations are not there. Am I doing something wrong? I am simply exporting the files. Maybe there are some additional steps of which I am unaware? I thought .3ds exports were supposed to retain all textures and animations. Any help is appreciated.

Have you tried exporting as another format such as .dae or.fbx

Hmm. No, I haven’t. I looked up which filetypes 3ds Max can import the other day and I did not see .dae or .fbx… I did not scroll down that page far enough. I will try .fbx. Thanks for your reply!

ive tried this and my models are missing chunks of them it is very frustrating can anyone who has had succes with this plz tell!!!

Too little infomation.
Do your models have modifiers ?
Are the face normals facing the correct way? Have you tried recalculating them before export (Ctrl+N)
Where is your blend file ?
Where is your exported object ?
What file export format were you using ?
Where is a screenshot showing before and after exporting ?
Other appropriate infomation to help other try and sort out your problem ?

here are the pics as you notice it seems to lose many faces and deform after export