Exporting to COLLADA (.dae) results in losing data

Hi everyone,

My game studio is using Blender for 3D modeling, texturing and animation. The problem we have is that our game engine only accepts COLLADA (.dae) files for everything 3D related, and we weren’t able to export a Blender scene with several animations attached without losing all animations. The only thing that was exported was the mesh.

We have to export characters with several animations (walk, run, idle, jump, and combat animations) to COLLADA.

Does anyone know of a solution for this?


Hi darylsdn,

it depends a bit on your file layout and how your animation is built. I’ve been working on COLLADA support in Blender, although lately I haven’t put in much time due to day job constraints, but if you want to, please contact me so we can figure out what to do and how to fix.


Hi Jester, I just happen to have the same problem. Could you explain how to fix this issue?
Thank you!