Exporting to Gimp

Is UV mapping a process for turning a 3D image into a 2D image in order to export it to another program so that I can ‘paint’ a photo over it to use as a texture?

If so, how do I turn a .blender file into a .jpeg, or .xcf in order to export it to Gimp?

I keep finding information about a .xcp script, but all seem to be for Linux.

Are there any such scripts for Windows?

Can it be done without a script?

I saw a video of someone exporting to Photoshop and putting the face over the head model, but the video explained nothing. It looked really awesome though!

I can’t seem to find any good tutorials that explain the whole process, though, from export to import again.


After you UV unwrap a model, in the image editor window you will see a UVs menu item> Export UV layout.
See also:

etc. etc. Take a look around that site

Wow, great links, thanks!