Exporting to max from blender - object with material and posed

Dont have a copy of max(any version) but will be needing to export a charactet from blender to max. Charactet has clothes amd is posed. What problems may i face? Will the pose follow along? Materials? Camera setup?

I have had a lot of success exporting to .fbx.

It will even export UV coordinates and keyframes.

Modifiers will be applied on export, so best to remove subsurf and reapply on import. Other than that, never had any trouble.

Ok. Great. How about reflective materials and lighting etc? Exports more or less to the equiliant(think that’s the word) on max?

The importer will have a go at lights, but you will probably have to adjust the materials. They might be the right colour, but specularity and reflectivity will probably not be interpreted correctly. Nor will material types, they will all more than likely be ‘Standard’ materials.

Ok. Thank you. Perhaps i can borrow max from a friend to fix the materials and stuff. Thanks