Exporting to .obj without shared vertices

I have a model that I need to export to .obj format and I am trying to make sure it gets exported without shared vertices. How would I accomplish this?

What is sharing vertices?
Can you explain better the problem?
Images would help :wink:

Ok, for example if I have a cube - it has 8 vertices when i export it to .obj because those 8 vertices are shared between all 6 sides. I need it to export as 24 vertices this way each of the 6 sides has its own 4 vertices.

So you need to split each face separately!

The solution is EdgeSplit modifier :

  1. In Edit mode - Select all edges of your mesh.
  2. Ctrl+E -> Mark Sharp
  3. In Object mode - Add EdgeSplit modifier to your object.
    4 Apply the EdgeSplit Modifier.

Now you have a mesh with all faces separated from each other.

Great! Thanks a lot, that solved my problem!