Exporting to Unreal Development Kit

I have a figure that I need to send to a game developer. I believe he said what he uses is called unreal development kit. He wants it as .dae. The problem is when I export the figure and then re import it to confirm that it still looks correct the mesh has shrunk but the armature is the same size. The armature is the parent of the mesh so I don’t understand why one is changing size and the other isn’t. Also the bones for the feet disappear. Does any one know what the problem is or know of a good tutorial for exporting figures?

he probably wants dae format so he can convert to unreal format. Blender can export directly to unreal PSA & PSK formats for the unreal engine characters though, & .ase is the preferred format for props in unreal.

So would those formats be less problematic? Well I’ll try all of them and them and then come back here.

Is 2.49b outdated? None of those formats are listed on my export menu.

hey we r using unreal development kit for our project too:-
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