Exporting to x3d. How to change the size but not to scale the object?

Hello everyone.
I’m a student and i’ve got a project to make a 3d mall in x3d.
Blender does export to x3d so i did everything to blender and imported the x3ds to another program for add some trigers to it (vivaty studio).

Now my problems:

  1. [solved] The orientation of the objects exported were a mess and without materials on them. To fix that i had to rename my entire sceene meshes with names that have no dots “.”, no special chars “@$%” and start with a letter and not a number.

  2. Some of the exported items are contained in groups with scale added to them, as i remove them from the groups they get messy. In blender by pressing “n” opens a list that allows me to change the scaling, possitioning and size of the meshes i have in my sceene, but when i change the size of a box for example, the scaling changes too. there’s a button next to every scale axe with a lock on it that says “Lock editing of scale in the interface” but it doesn’t do what i want. I want to change the size but not to scale the object (mesh).

Can someone help?

Change the size of the object then clear its scale with Ctrl+A / scale in object mode

Thank you a lot my friend…
It was just what i was looking.
Have a nice evening!