Exporting to...

Hi all! This is my first post! Before anyone replies to this, please beware that i am a complete noob.
First, this post is directed at any users who have used Blender to export models to Blitz3D.
As far as i am aware, the only files that Blitz can use that blender can export to are .X files. I’ve had no luck importing models made in blender into Blitz3D and was just wondering if anyone could explain to me how this is done.
For example, how might i import a textured cube into Blitz3D? etc

My difficulty is that i’ve never imported .X files before, and just one example (instructions of what to do in blender and then a snippet of code to get the model to appear in Blitz) would be VERY VERY much appreciated.

Thanks to anyone who replies to this in advance.

Hi, Blitz is a programming language? Don’t know anything about it. There’s a program here
that may help you.
Of course you could just build your game in blender.

I haven’t worked with Blitz3D but am working on a project with another DirectX app. There are a number (4 at last count) of DirectX export Python scripts for Blender and there are hundreds of past posts on this forum on how to use them. Do a search for “directx” and you’ll find them.

As I recall, some of the scripts support DirectX 8, some 9, and one I think supports skeletons and animation. One of these I’m sure will work. I recommend you install the latest version of Blender (2.37a and/or 2.40alpha2) and these scripts. That should do it.