Exporting trouble

There was a thread (which is now closed) about exporting .obj files. In the thread some one said that blender came with that function. I don’t know what version they were using but 2.49 has no such function. When I go to export the only options I see are VRML, DXF, and STL. NO WAVE FRONT .OBJ. Also in the thread was a link to download a python script for this. I downloaded and installed the script just fine. However it only allows for importing .obj files. That’s nice but I’ll be starting maya soon, at my school, and I’d like to be able to get some of my models to transfer. So if any one knows of a script for EXPORTING .OBJ please let me know.

I assure you it does come with the option its just that your installation is not picking up the location of your scripts folder. A couple of threads where this is also discussed with solutions.