Exporting UV Layout Image WITH Edges Shown?

I know how to upload an image to the uv image editor window along with unwrapping, but what if I want to make an image based on how the UV comes out? How can I save a picture file showing where all the uv edges are so I can draw on it to make a uv map? Thx.

Edit: Using blender 2.5

in the UV window click UV - Scripts - Save UV Face Layout

That should do it!

sorry, forgot to mention im using blender 2.5. there is no option for that. how do you do this in 2.5?

In UV/Image editor window, use UVs / Export UV Layout. Select location in the next window and format (either .eps or .svg) from the dropdown at the lower left of the screen.
See this thread http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=184670