Exporting UV map in 2.62 - file size too big

So I previously was using blender 2.59, and when I exported UV maps, I got nice little png files, about 50kb, easy to deal with, etc.

I’ve upgraded blender on one of my two computers to 2.62 and when I export UV maps I noticed the file size is not the same, in fact they are more like 4 MB, which is not terrible, but I don’t texture everything, I email off some of the things I’m working on, and email tends to have a limit on how much you can send.

If I take the same blender file and export the uv map from my laptop running Blender 2.59 and I still get a tiny file.

The size settings on the uv export are set to 1024 x1024 on both computers.

The other thing I’m noticing is my uv maps used to have transparency, however they don’t, even exporting from the old 2.59 version I was using. Not a huge deal just wondering what changed that.

Anyone know why the png file would be exporting so huge?

The other thing I’m noticing is my uv maps used to have transparency,
There is an opacity setting you can change in the export settings

Right, yes I am crazy the transparency is fine. Thanks Richard.

The file size thing I’m still confused about. I can work around it, but I’d like to fix it.

A 1024x1024 texture with 4 channels (RGBA) should be 4MB by definition: 1024 x 1024 x 4.

Blender 2.59 exporting an ostensibly 1024x1024 image file that ends up as 50KB is what sounds weird. Can you open such a file in another program and confirm that it is indeed of such dimensions, without having been scaled down?

You need to adjust the compression, bring it up to .9 or 90% when you save the .png file, should be on the left hand side of the file browser when you save.

Edit: Actually its not there, but I’m sure that it is a compression problem, I suppose a quick fix is to open it with GIMP or something and re-save it with 90% compression, it seams to me that all the images that you save in the Image editor end up defaulting to 0% compression. This should be fixed

Found it in the “Output” section, near the bottom of the Render Properties panel.

That doesn’t actually effect the UV Export, only the output files of renders.

the export should really allow you to adjust the compression.

Ya, the 50kb files are all the correct size, with RBGA channels. The 4mb files are exactly the same, just… larger file size.

This is a bug right?