Exporting UV maps to .3ds

I tried using the search feature for this one, but was not able to narrow the list down.

Is there a way to export UV maps from Blender to .3ds?


blender’s obj exporter supports uv mapping. Export to obj and import from their and all should go as expected. Should at least give you a foot up.

Thanks Marty_D, but do you know if I can export directly to .3ds with UV intact? I’m using a specialized program that only imports .3ds.


There’s a free program called biturn that can convert several formats including 3ds and obj. I don’t have 3d studio setup right now so I can’t say how well the program supports UVs but it might be worth a try. The features list says 3ds support for geometry and materials.
Scroll down a little, second in the list. Beyond that I can’t say. Most programs support at least one or two more formats other than the default. Obj has probably more support than most. You should be able to put something together.