Exporting UV Maps

I need to export an object I’ve made to Second Life as a UV map of the coordinates, but I can’t figure out how to. This tutorial loses me after opening the UV editor: http://amandalevitsky.googlepages.com/sculptedprims

She has a grid of lines when she opens it, but I don’t, and can’t figure out where they come from. Does anyone know where I could find help for new-to-Blender users?

Both times I’ve tried to follow the instructions, I end up applying the textures to my object, rather than the UV map.

I think(from what I’ve understood of your post) you might have missed the ctrl+E shortcut key in the uv-image editor window,
or the u-key in the UV Face Select mode(or if you are using a build newer than 2.45 then the u-key in the edit mode).
Also do note that to see the ‘grid’ in the UV Image Editor Window,
you will have to have all the faces selected in the appropriate Mode(either Edit or UV Face Select mode).

  • hope i made any sense, Felix. :slight_smile:

Ah, now it works much better. However, my object is fairly complex, and I’m worried about expanding the stuff in the UV map will cause it to distort. Will that happen?

Do I have to create the UV map before shaping my object?

Following the steps gets me a UV map with the seemingly right triples (I converted it to PNG for here; it’s still TGA on my end):

Here’s what it’s supposed to look like (with the UV map applied):

Here’s what second life shows as the preview:

What went wrong?

I’m posting here because the Second Life forums require credit card information, so I have nowhere else to go.

It looks like a redo of the bus chassis has somewhat better results:


But it has weird angles, almost as though they increase in height from beginning to end, which means that the blend method that tutorial showed must be wrong:

What should I do?

hard to say, ive never played SL. :confused:

have you checked the normals?