Exporting Video With Sound/Good Format

hey all

so ive done some searching on google and on the forums and havent been able to find an answer.
ive rendered a bunch of frames and now would like to throw them together with an audio track in Blender and export it as a video.

  1. is there a build that supports exporting with sound? where can i get it? how does it work?

  2. which format provides good quality/compression ratio?

any help or pointers in the right direction would be much appreciated! thanks!


2.45 should work, at least on win32 and linux I have used the ffmpeg settings to output video with audio. On win32, the latest windows media player hates my files, but they play well on vlc.

cool, thanks!
where do i download the ffmpeg format? or how do i use it?

Well, in the format tab under F10, see the output file type for image and choose ‘FFMpeg’ from the drop bar. Then the new tabs for audio and video appear behind the tab, and there you can choose the formats fro the audio and video. Be warned that some players are not so nice to the output, but there are several posts and threads here about this - search “PapaSmurf” and behold, a wealth of insight on proper settings to utilize the output. You’ll need to make sure you indicate ‘multiplex audio’ under the audio tab.


aaah got it now. i was using a testbuild from before… thanks for your help!