Exporting Warcraft Three Models

Okay, i’ve been trying to design a game and such with this friend of mine in the Navy. This way i can learn a bit more about blender in the process and he’s also a programmer so i’ll be able to pick up some info from him in the process. I’ve been trying to figure out how to import Warcraft III models (characters, weapons, etc.) into Blender so that i can edit them. I would like to be able to have a template to work off of. I’m not quite good enough with my graphic design to up and make something from scratch, but i’m good enough to be able to change it once i have something to work with.

It won’t look anything like the original once i’ve finished with editing the model, especially swords and simple weapons like that. I would also like to know what kind of files i have to open, because i sure as heck can’t find any kind of library of items, weapons, or characters in my folder where warcraft III is installed. I’ve been searching for near two days now nearly constant (up till 5:30 AM last night looking) just to find a stupid converter for this thing.

If anyone can help me out, maybe give me some info on what kind of file i’m trying to open that might contain an actual character, or what kind of exporter/importer program i need and can download to get these things it’d be extremely helpful.


…be able to change it once i have something to work with.

I see where you’re coming from, but you should consider using models that are given freely. Turbosquid for example. Remember blender imports obj, lwo, and 3ds.

I believe the management here frowns on giving aid and comfort to people who are trying to rip off someone else’s intellectual property. If Warcraft wanted you to be able to mod their models, they’d have put an export model option on their menu.

There are plenty of free meshes available for you to use as templates. Or, you could learn how to model and make your own. We’d be glad to help you out with that.

Just don’t ask advice on ripping meshes from commercial games.

Well, if you could find me some really good free meshes that i could model from that’d be fantastic. But as of right now, i don’t see any, all the ones i see just aren’t good enough. I don’t yet have the skill to make one from scratch, but i believe that editing one that’s already made will help me learn how to make one from scratch alot better because this way i will have the oportunity to see one done right, no mistakes, learn how to change it, add on, take off, whatever, learn what does what because it’s already there. That’s why i want this, not so i can just rip someone off.

That’s not my goal. Believe me, after i model it, it won’t even look like a WarIII model. But if you have some stuff i can download that no one minds me using and it’s pretty good, i’d be glad to use it instead of WarIII’s models. I’ve been searching for stuff for nearly a week strait, both models and file extension converters, but so far have been highly unsuccessful. So if you’ve got some good stuff i’d greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for the help!


the blender model reciprocity has some nice swords you could work off.

if this was sci-fi though i could probably give you a ship or 2, but by the sounds of it, it is fantasy.

I’ve been searching for stuff for nearly a week strait, both models and file extension converters, but so far have been highly unsuccessful.

We must be on different internets. When I do a search on free 3d models, I get back a list with many viable sites, some with models, some with links to other sites with models. All on the first page. I find it incredible that you’ve spent a week searching and come up empty.

BTW: you don’t need a file extension converter. Blender is a “file extension converter” in that it can import files with non-Blender extensions, and save them as blend files, or export them with other extensions.

after i model it, it won’t even look like a WarIII model.

This does not mean you aren’t violating someone else’s intellectual property. All this means is that you don’t think you’ll be caught. If you pull a mesh out of War III without permission, you are stealing someone else’s work, regardless of how you change it afterwards.

Well, could you tell me what sites these are, because i certainly haven’t found them.

That’s not necessarily the case. It imports and exports SOME file extensions, not ALL file extensions. I’m trying to get a bunch of plug-ins for file types like that for maya, or some gmax, i know it has 3ds in it, but it doesn’t have it for maya, gmax, and a few others. (for example: Endorphin. it doesn’t have one for that and it’s an absolutely awesome program. It’s a new program, but it’d be nice to have a script or something that i can add to Blender to be able to import .els files from Endorphin. Or Houdini. It’s got lightwave, that’s good, but for the most part, there are alot of maya-made graphics that can’t be imported on Blender simply because i don’t have a file conversion script. Okay, how bout this, for the warcraft three, or any other game, i don’t have an importer or exporter for them.

Okay, you’re absolutely right. I agree to not import warcraft III or any other non-free-source game without permission and use them to manipulate and put in my games or use as my own work by manipulating them in any way. In this i mean that i won’t put them in a game or anything like that, but i will edit them if i can get them, but won’t use them for anything other than training purposes.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, is there any way i can get a WORKING script for blender to import and export .nif files (Oblivion). I got one from source forge, but it doesn’t work. (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=149157&package_id=166219)

Again, i’ve made the decision not to use these models, only to practice and train with them.


Eric Wright