Exporting with UV Maps for Substance Painter

Hi there,

I have a finished model and am satisfied with the UV mapping data, however when I export the object for Substance Painter as .FBX it has no UV data. Am I doing something wrong in the exporting stage? What should I look for when trying to export UV data for other programs? Any tips appreciated.


Share the blend file. This is not a typical problem.

I just recently created my account to ask this question. How long is the grace period for uploading files for new users?

I think this is based on the amount of your posts and not time.
So you may want to upload the file on an extenal file hoster.

You mean like uploading it to OneDrive and sharing it from there?

Here is the model.

Okay, so I actually just checked what happened when I re-imported the fbx model back in to Blender and it turns out that the fbx file retains the UV data but it is not importing it properly in to Substance Painter. I will see if I can find some answers on the Substance 3D forums.

I got it into Painter, but there are a couple of issues.
You have multiple objects all with different shaders and with tons of modifiers.
First, reduce the amount of materials/shaders to the number of final texture sets…they are all on one UV so technically they don’t need more than one material.
Second, you need to think about the modifiers. If they change/modify the mesh itself, you might want to apply them.
I’d suggest, make a copy of all the mesh objects and merge them all together into one object.
Then only export that object into Painter.

Thanks for the tips! I think my UV addon added a checkered material, hence all the materials. And I think I will make two versions of the model, one with modifiers and one without.

I assigned one material to all parts. Painter screenshot.