Hey everyone,
I am making a simple game. I want to export it so that I can play it on a mobile device without having to upload it to playstore ect.
Is there a a file type that I can export my game as so i can play my game on a mobile device?
Kind thanks

mobile support is not a thing, and while some say in the future, that future is a long way off, especially with eevee being the main renderer for current upbge work

Thanks. I did not know that.

Look into Blend4Web, a WebGL plugin-in for Blender.

Or Armory3D, another Blender plugin-in that also has the ability to export to mobile devices.

I will look into it.

Will that blend4web work in UPBGE 2.5?

I’m not quite sure. I doubt it, as 0.25a has many compatibility issues with 2.79b or 2.79.7
Blend4Web wasn’t even meant to be for UPBGE, only 2.79b-.7

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