Hello,I’m new here.I’ve been using Blender for maybe a week now,and have learned softbodies,liquids,modeling,and animation.But,I can’t figure out how to export animations.You know,into JPEG and stuff like that.I’m not sure if this has already been posted,and if so,I apologize.But,could someone help me out?:frowning:


okay.what do I click on in blender to be able export and watch my animation in jpeg or avi format?


the wiki has a lot of good information on most subjects in blender, worth a read through.
travel back to the main page of the wiki and do through the user documentation part if you’re looking for a specific answer that seems like something basic.

best of luck with your future blending :slight_smile:

Hit F10 to goto render options.
Pick the size of the final anim.
Select codec type such as AVI Jpeg.
Set start and end frames.
Click ANIM button.
Browse to output directory and watch with your favorite video player or VLC. http://www.videolan.org/