hey all,
i have just finished my first (very simple) animation, and I am wondering what sort of exporting oftions blender has. i want to get the animation in a format that i can use in a standard video-editing software (such as Adobe Premiere). can anyone help?



Just go to


or press


in your “Buttons windows”, check the label “format” where you have aspect ratios and compressions available. On the base of your system (win, linux Mac) you may have to install external compressions or library. Select the output folder in the “output” panel, name the movie. Cilck the big button “Animate”, have a cup of coffee.

At the end of the process you will find a movie you can use, just choose the compression according to the ones supported from your video editing software.

Render to image sequences either .png or .tif both lossless formats.

Otherwise render with lossless codec that your NLE supports. Lagarith, Huffy. Avoid Quicktime unless you go for uncompressed RGB.

You could encode to a lossy delivery codec, like h264 or mpeg2 if your machine isn’t man enough for lossless or image sequence playback and editing but only edit h264 or mpeg2 in a ‘YUV’ timeline, watch out for any filters than only work in RGB and output in the same format as input. But this will still almost certainly reduce quality, re encoding from the NLE.

Just ringing in here, definitely image sequences .png there is no lossless video codec IMO. Keep everything original throughout your workflow.

png should be the way to go. on many apps tif still calls quicktime (on a mac that may be a non-issue though). quicktime-png is lossless, avi Lagarith is smaller I belive. png would be the most portable format and most likely the fastest to edit. Make sure you have the render settings correct to match the rest of your video (resolution, interlace, etc). If you’re editing it by itself then you can do whatever you want (dvd’s use 24p, 24i, 25i, 29.97i, I’d suggest 24p).