expose 2

I was having a look at the entries for expose 2.


And what do you guys think? I mean there’s some top grade stuff in there, but honestly I feel there’s lots of crap as well… some people… well I don’t know why they entered… I mean does anyone really think a well rendered watch will win???

There were over 4500 submissions to Exposé II - and like always when you’ve got something open for all there’s going to be approximately 80% junk and 20% good stuff. Just how things work.

I think the work in ESPOSE 1 (that’s the only one I been watching) is amazing stuff, very inspiring. However CG is a male dominated field, and for some reason most images submited are of this semi-naked warrior women, kind of Boris Vallejo art. I don’t have nothing against the book but I prefer diversity of images.

Quite a lot entries. :o
I didn’t watch all, but those I found intresting enough to see the full size image were all made in Photoshop. Hmmmmmmmmm %| %| %|

I expect that some phantasy stuff will win ( most like with a woman).

May i sound like an idiot and ask what Exposé is?


:o Congratulations and good luck for the Blender entries!

the worst thing about number of entries is that really good artists have limited themselves to 2 or 3 pictures which is normal, in a contest like this you want to show only your truly best, but many of the not so good have submited sometimes 10 times.

Read on that site. It’s a competition for computer artists (visual). And a book with the entries is published as well. Think of it as an “oscars” for computer art.

I’ve seen all the entries now and well… most are crap. I’m not going to be overly polite, so yeah… crap.

Out of those that are not crap… lots are uninspired cliche images. I haven’t seen that much fantasy big guys with bloody broadswords in ages.

I see work at elysiun regularly that is at least up to par with the average level of expose entries. I think next year maybe we ought to make a bit more of a big deal out of it here. It’s a good place/ way to “advertise” your art, and in case you get a good response it’s good for blender and your portfolio.

I’d say next year… we all should enter… if you see the current work, and think you can do that too that is.

BTW it’s a bit embarassing to see that people can apparently pick terragen as their tool, but not blender… we’re doing something wrong there.

That’s exactly my problem with CGTalk generally. It’s 99% elves/cars/dodgy sci-fi esque nonsense. There’s actually really little imagination and artistry on there. Just lots of technical proficiency. There’s a couple of posters who are really good, and their work sticks out a mile. Rarely do they get enough replies to warrant adding to their choice gallery though.

Makes me wonder about the future of the CG industry if all the people in it are like that.

for me 99% of Cgtalk and Expose=boring, conventional, shit materials

as the pop-culture in the World from Britney Spears to Hollywood

especially 99% of the Cgtalk-choice-gallery made me to feel sick

Cgtalk=copy gallery, 1 picture from 100 is maybe have original parts

(I don’t say I am a great artist, but this is my opinion, sorry.)

Some good stuff in there, mostly the architechurals. I agree about the elves/cars/compu-porn thing though, Check out Renderosity.com sometime. That sites even worse than CG talk! All the “art” there is rehashed. The “artists” descriptions are usually a mix of horrid poetry and the obligatory “credits” listing of who made what model/texture/pose. I mean, really, how many pictures of Vicki 3 wearing a nighty do you really need to see?

Strangely enough, many of the venders selling the frilly underthing textures, and the artists doing the sleazy pinups, are female. I suspect CG isn’t as male dominated as you might think.

By next year I may have something worth entering, or better yet Landis will take some time off his scripting and put out a good Airman render. His texturing along with Blenders new radiance and raytracing should be as good (or better) than anything I saw in the contest.

It’d be really cool the winner used Blender and The Gimp instead on $tudiomax and Photo$hop.


like for example boring3d.com … that guy is just great