expression 3 - very good vector drawing tool

first i was sceptic, but i love it since i tried - expression v3.3, now owned by microsoft.

the guys from redmont seem to haven’t touched a lot, as this proggie is really extremely efficient and easy to use. you can choose from various brushes and brush styles, rotate the view (!) and export vectors and bitmaps.

if you’re into artistic drawing and scribbles using your wacom, try it out.

the best thing - it’s still free (beta, but working perfectly), you’ll only need a .NET Passport registration (yea know this sucks but it’s worth it!)

it’s being rumored that this is the first step towards microsofts attempt for a FLASH-killer - we’ll see. right now it’s an Illustrator for free.


[I’ll try later if I can use someone’s who has left the country but left the automatic sign in on]

you forgot to give a link:

I tried way long ago.

yep, it can be nice.

Even better if learn well the use of shapes/brushes for making animation frames for like kind of 2d vectorial animation.Better probably than actual flash tools for that, but… Flash is too much flash :wink:

BTW, now you mentioned illustrator for free, a total open source illustrator is sodipodi

I tried and it’s very cool, too.

I hope some day they add ai export.

I’m not particularly font of vector graphics apps

this one is… interesting

[btw, the download is 57.2Mb]

I need to look into how much you can edit/create your own brushes. this could be really useful [mostly because I suck at painting remotely controled lines] for things I do, or not…

I got a copy just to have a copy. I moderate over at Pixelparity (same screen name) and sometimes someone will have a question, so I fire it up and if I can figure it out I post info for them. I’m curious what Micro$oft really wants that program for. Perhaps because they don’t have a vector program in their product line up?? Some one guessed that they were taking some of the technology to use in Longhorn (the new Windows offering coming in the next few years). If they do anything to the product I hope to god they make the interface more user friendly but not too gaudy like they tend to do sometimes. It’s a bit confusing and I am quite proficient at using many vector programs out there. I use Xara X1 from it’s fast and furious and fantastic!! I beta tested for them this time around and it was a real fun experience!! I hope they ask me again!

I see the Sodipodi was mentioned, Inkscape is a off shoot of that project and allot futher along. You can find it here:

Richard :wink: