Expression Controller Help

I have 2 sensors that need to be true (Mouse Left Click and Mouse Right Click) and a Property that has to be >0. I can only get the expression to work with this syntax. Sensor AND Prop>0. But i need it to work like this Sensor AND Sensor AND Prop>0=True. Can anyone Give me the correct Expression syntax for what i am trying to do.

need it to work like this Sensor AND Sensor AND Prop>0=True
Why the “=True” it is unnecessary unless the property is a Boolean anyway,
and you’re using “Sensor AND Sensor” but “Sensor” should be be the actual name of the sensor, upper and lower case matter.

Try this:
sensor1name AND sensor2name AND propName > 0

Some more examples:

for a boolean prop,
sensor AND prop=True

sensor1 AND NOT sensor2

Greater than or equal to,
sensor and prop >= 10

Or logic,
(sensor1 AND prop=True) OR (sensor2 AND prop=False)

sorry, i did not explain myself well enough. i just put =true to say i need all to be true as in press left click and right click and the property to be greater than 0 to give a positive pulse the actuator. i do not know much about expressions as u can tell.

i just put sensor and sensor as a example. the names are actually Aim AND Shoot AND bullet (lowercase b) is the property

I tried the first example already before i made the post and i got a type mismatch error in the console

(the prop is a integer as well if that helps)

the second example works like the SensorName1 AND PropName>0 example i gave in which only one sensor has to be activated

i would think it would work with the first example any other examples or thoughts?

SO SORRY i dont know what i was doing wrong before. i tried the first example again and it work. i must have not connected a sensor or miss typed it. Thank You so much for your help. it is really appreciated.

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