Expression controllers.

Does anyone know anything about using expressions. I read some of the docu, but i havent got somethign working yet using it as a controller.

The desired effect is…"If sensorA ispositive and sensor B ispositive, or just sensor C ispositive, then activate the actuators,

this would be useful as OR and AND are sometimes limiting.


p.s saluk, i got mp3’s workin now, thanx

I know how to use expressions, but for your desired effect it would be a lot easier using and controllers. Just make 2 controlers, connect sensorA and sensor B to it and SensorC to the other one.

Expressions are really only stuff with properties. For example, if you want a thing to only happen when prop1 is greater than prop2, you’d put in the expression controller: prop1>prop2. You could also do stuff like prop1+2=prop2, or prop1+prop2=prop3. Do you understand?

yes i understand that. but with my experience of blender, it’s never been a great idea linking multiple controllers to the same actuator. I’ve found some actuators behave strangley under these circumstances.

The way i have to ge round it is making an "And controller linked to sensor A and B, and actuate a messege which can then be used in conjunction with Sensor C in an OR controller. but i would find it easier if i could use expressions.

I you don’t need to put an IF statement at the beginning of n expression… and you can’t control what actuators it fires?


try this: (sensorA AND sensorB) or sensorC