Expression IF()

Its possible condicional statment IF() in logic bricks controllers?
Tanks for help-me

The left hand column, labeled sensors, is your if statement. actuators are the… well, the actions the statement does.
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dble post…

Yes you can use logic blocks to do if conditional statements. Have you read this:

And this:

Expressions must be fully qualified

Var start == FALSE

IF(start FALSE) is not the same and doesn’t work as


In the first expression, start should evaluate to false and the statement should be executed, but it is not. However in the second expression the statement will be excuted.

Working Examples:

IF(start==FALSE AND timer<5 TRUE)
IF(start==FALSE OR timer<5 TRUE)

If you are positive everything is correct but something doesn’t work, then delete it. Delete all of it, such as the sensor, the controller and the actuator.
Perhaps even delete any actions that function relates to in other objects also. Then add everything again. Chances are there was a typo or a space that you just didn’t see in the wrong place.
I spent a day working such a problem. I had two almost identicle functions, yet one didn’t work. I changed and retyped, and disconected, etc all day.
At my wits end, my cursor landed in a to: field and a space was highlighted. I looked at it, thinking what? Some how (maybe the cat) a space was entered in tha field. The GUI doesn’t recognize object names in the To: field of the message actuator like it does in other Ob: name fields.