Expressions in fields relative to current value?

I know this may seem silly to some people, but the extra clicking is bugging me and I’m wondering if there is a different entry method that makes things faster.

Lets say I’m on frame 190 and I want to move the current time 34 frames ahead.
In one software I type r34 which moves it relative to the current time. Another, just type +34.
But in blender I have to type 190+34? When you click on it, it auto-highlights so you either have to hit right arrow, or precisely click on the right side after the first click, or just remember whatever number and type it again. This applies to things like location and rotation so that doesn’t really apply because it will show 201deg, but once you click, it shows 201.195deg.

Is there a more shorthand way of just adding/subtracting the existing value? The manual only shows replacement expressions, nothing including “self” or “value”