Expressions Need help

I dont wanna use always property on the beggining If I can use expressíons pls give me some examples I got e.g property=1 working or make some demos wich functions are possible =DDD thnx you would help me:) :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what your asking for, but here are some examples…

An expression already starts off as an if… So just pretend the if is in the beginning…
prop>0 [if property is greater than 0]
prop<0 [if property is less than 0]

prop1<or>0 AND prop2<or> 0 [if property1 is less or greater than 0 AND property2 is less or greater than 0]
prop1>0 or prop2<0 [if prop1 is greater than 0 OR prop2 is less than 0]

You can also do that with sensors… I can’t remember how, but you can look that up, these are just the basics, if you didn’t know 0 can be anything you want

Good Luck with expressions and hope this helps bye!

ya u answered my question =D sry :slight_smile:

Do a search for the glBlenderDoc.pdf. It is old but it contains examples for the expression controller.