Expressive Animator free and open-source vector animation software

Some people might be interested in an app like this, especially if they’re tired of After Effects.
The app is still in development but it has animated SVG export, vector drawing tools, motion path, and many other features.

Here is a link to an article with their latest update.

And here is a link to their GitHub repository

Supported browsers: Chrome, Edge, and any chromium-based browser with PWA support.


Interesting, thanks for sharing. Looking promising, although I’m still not a fan of browser-based tools. Maybe I’m too old-fashioned. :older_man:

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You can install it as a PWA as well.
For the old-fashioned people, there will be a desktop version. (Windows, Linux, Mac)

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Great, because the app looks good.
A Lottie Export would be the icing on the cake…