expressive screaming head

Well i was impressed by this post
and so started modelling a head on my own… wanting a more expressive version.
I’m not quiet sure what im ging to do with it, but lets see :wink:

I like the last one! Maybe add some shape keys…?

Looking good ^^
I suggest lowering the corner of the mouth a bit and maybe increasing the wrinkles around the eyes and the ones from the nose down the side of the mouth. It kind of looks like more of a “feeeeed meee” expression than a screaming expression. That’s just me though =D

Thanks for the tipps :slight_smile:
i’ve done some experiments:

Ho crap, that’s creepy!

I love the over-exaggerated look, keep it up. :slight_smile:

some nodes and bones :wink:

Don’t make so much Glow on the ground… just keep it on the guy to emphasize him. You should put him in a pose that matches the screaming, not just screaming, but doing a calm walk.

Damnit, you stole my idea (the one with the dude coming out the wall). The parts where you have em merged with the wall look better than my merger though lol keep em coming