EXR output bugs or silly glitches?

The EXR output of Blender always had problems, but it seems that even 3.0 didn’t fix anything at all.

Now, what happens:
Blenders way of writing pass names is Viewlayer.Name.rgba. That are two dots where normally no one is. So every comp software reads first the layer called rgb or rgba. Including image viewer and file browser. Like in many cases Blender gives a **** about continents and forms.

However the work around exist to write out an own file output with costume names… that removes the view-layer, but not the ending in form of .rgb .a or .v (v is used for grey scale outputs, even alpha and depth… says a lot about the one writing the code).

That means you have to build importer in order to import the files correctly. But you will have some problems. First of you can’t avoid the suffix. So, your rgba will always lead to rgb.rgb and rgb.a no matter if you use alpha or not. You can even tell Blender to only output rgb and not rgba… it will ignore you.
The next thing is, every output you add, will have an alpha. No matter if you want or not, there is no option. So if you output 10 rgb channels, you get additional 10 alpha channels!

Funny enough, if you directly save out a blender exr without compositing, you will only get one alpha and even depth is named (Z) and not .v … glitches everywhere! However, the standard comes with the view layer name in front and that ruins ever pre comp.

So, can someone please make Blender support a standard professional workflow? We need fixed names in compositing based on what the standards are. We need to make sure a pipeline works that way and yeah studios can have RD people who write a tool doing so… but since when is Blender a studio only tool?

Hope to see that fixed in 3.1…