Extend Last Frame of Movie Clip in VSE

I’m trying to composite several shots together in the video sequence editor, but I need to extend the clips out on either side for transitions. What’s strange is that if the beginning of a clip is extended, the clip will render. However, when I do the same thing to the end, the render is black. Why does this work for just the beginning of the clip, and is there a way to extend the last frame?
Nate Johnson

Check the actual length of the strip you are extending. You could be extending a “Scene Strip” that isn’t any longer (just repeats the last frame). Or you may be extending a “Hard Cut”, where your edit point has become effectively, the end of the strip (no more media).

How would I tell the difference? The strip is at its full length. I just imported in a video strip from the menu, and I want to essentially extend the last frame out for transitions.

All you have to do is drag the tail of the strip out, it will turn grey at the point that there are no new frames. This last frame will be a freeze frame for the duration of the grey handle. If it doesn’t turn grey then it is only a soft cut point (k key).