Extend time/frames for baked cube

This time I try to make one cube land in the pool and sink to the bottom and stay there. No problem at all.
Next step is to let him come upp to surface and the cub/box open upp flaps,animated with two atmatures.
Out of the box a cartoonlike man( not yet ready ) jumping upp and with lattice make some fun.

But, I dont want the cube to come back upp to surface, before the water calm down. I dont know how to do, I try with everything. This animation/baking ar only 80 frames long 1- 80, I try to extend with Ipo from frame 80 -100. Dont work.

Can you advice me how to do.

This waterfile show only the water.

The other one Trixiy file is the master as vill be the real one.

Thanks in advance.


Water_.blend (412 KB)Trixiy.blend (316 KB)