Extending path

Hello, I’m new to blender so please excuse any upcoming ignorance.

How do I extend a path curve so that i can get as many control points as I want? I tried adding another path in edit mode then joining the 2 end control points together, but there doesn’t seem to be a snap tool that I can use, so the process is actually quite painful. Plus I needed to adjust the adjacent control points to have C-1 continuity. Is there an automatic way of doing this?

Thank you very much

Put the path in edit mode, deselect all points (A key once or twice), then select the vertex at the end you want to extend. Hit E and place the new vertex. Keep hitting E and placing vertices until you are finished. I’m not familiar with any automated way to ensure parametric continuity. Hope this helps…

I took a look at the behavior of the curve path in Blender and I am fairly certain that Blender ensures C-1 continuity is preserved automatically, but I couldn’t find any means to show the control handles to verify. I base my conclusion on the fact that you cannot induce sharp corners in a Blender curve path without adding extra vertices.

Awesome! Thank you :smiley: