Extending simple vector-handled animation curve

Hello there,

I am working on this scene with lots of carefully animated gear wheels spinning eachother.
Scene looks like this:

The nature of these complicated gear structures spinning makes it impossible (or at least not easy) to make a completely loopable animation action.
This one structure in particular I only animated 480 frames of all gears spinning at their own rate to make it fit into the others’ rates of spinning.
The result is 13 objects spinning at a constant velocity determined by vector handles.

Is it possible to (automatically) extend these animation curves beyond these 480 frames? The animation should just follow through at the speed of the animation I did already.

If there is not a feature that does this already it seems like a pretty simple feature to make.


Graph Editor --> N-menu:
Add modifier (at the bottom of the menu) --> Cycles --> Repeat with offset (for Before and After)

with selected keys that is of course…

that’s ok motimo but for a linear rotation like this I would just Shift+E > Linear Extrapolation

Sure, much faster…

Thanks guys! and @liero, shift+E was way better than I had imagined - not just an extension, it’s going towards infinity. The ideal solution I had in mind