extending the animation time

(stephen2002) #1

I have an animation that plays too fast. I must have gotten the timeings wrong. I want everything to remain the same speed relative to each other, but just interpolate more frames in-between motions. I know I can do this by scaleing up all of the IPO’s individually. I have animated quite a few things, is there any way to do this without editing all of the IPOs.

I know that I can just reduce the frame rate, but I would like to maintain the same frame rate.

Thanks for any help!

(_Aorus_) #2

Go to the animation buttons and play around with Animation Speed level.

(theeth) #3

Or, for more precision, you can change the Map Old / Map New buttons, in the Animations Buttons window.


(stephen2002) #4

I always wondered what those buttons did. :smiley:

(MexIndian) #5

Huh… how do those buttons work? If you could let me know, that would be immensely helpful, or point towards some tutorials…

(haunt_house) #6

yeah, me too

(theeth) #7

Well, basicly, those two buttons can take whatever value you want, it tells Blender to remap all the frame in the animation in the given proportion.

For example, if you use Old: 100, New: 200, the animation will take twice as long as before.

If you use Old: 3, New: 1, it will take a third of the time.

It’s pretty handy if you want to adjust frame rate without loosing animation speed.


(MexIndian) #8

Hey, not bad! Is there a way to apply it only to certain frames?

(theeth) #9

not with those buttons, but with the Time IPO, yes. You can even apply it to precise object. It’s a lot more complicated to explain though.